Future Tech

How ‘super vision’ will change the way we see the world

Computers are getting better at recognising faces and shapes and making connections between images, heralding a new age of visual search that could transform the way we interact with the world around us. Have you ever searched Google maps for a destination, asked it for directions, then walked off in completely the wrong direction? I…
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Doctors are saving lives with VR

Jennifer Jolly takes us inside the Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, where a groundbreaking new VR simulation is helping train doctors to better save the lives of children. It's part of Facebook's Oculus for Good program. Jennifer Jolly/Special for USA TODAY
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The future of getting dressed: AI, VR and smart fabrics

Cher Horowitz's closet from the film "Clueless" had a futuristic computer system that helped her put together outfits. Back in 1995, the concept teased what it might be like to get dressed in the future. Technology has evolved a lot since then, but closets have been largely untouched by innovation. Now, that's starting to change.…
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