Monthly Archives: September 2021

The Unstoppable Power of WordPress

When it comes to choosing a platform, you have an incredible amount of choice. Shopify, Wix and Squarespace are some of the most popular. For the most part, these platforms are designed for you to be able to quickly launch something in a few clicks and have it look good enough. They usually do that…
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10 top API security testing tools

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a critical part of most modern programs and applications. In fact, both cloud deployments and mobile applications have come to rely so heavily on APIs that you can’t have either without an API managing components somewhere along the line. Many larger companies, especially those with a big online presence, have…
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Social commerce is an extension of e-commerce that happens directly on or through social media networks. It has revolutionized the way people discover, shop and buy, and this transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic. According to this Hootsuite report, more than half of online brand discovery now happens in social feeds, and eMarketer estimates that U.S. social commerce…
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