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7 Steps to Choosing The Right Payment Gateway for Your Ecommerce Store

As a business owner, one of the most important aspects of setting up your eCommerce store is making sure you get paid. A payment gateway is a big part of this process. It’s the software application that provides the secure transfer of your customer’s credit card information from your website to the credit card payment network.…
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What’s New in Chrome 101, Available Now

Chrome 99 started work on a new download UI that’s similar to the look of Microsoft Edge. The downloads are found in a small shortcut in the top toolbar rather than the big row at the bottom of the screen. Chrome 101 is continuing to make improvements to this UI. It now shows progress bars when you’re…
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5 Steps to Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

You need something to rally your customers around, and to give your story focus and direction. You need an enemy, something your ideal customers simply do not like, such as their B2B competitor (Apple vs. Microsoft), higher prices (think expensive eyewear vs. Warby Parker ), a negative experience (bland party food vs. Tostitos) or an old or outdated way…
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