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How Digital Marketing Can Take Your Startup To A Higher Level

Running a startup and surviving the cut-throat competition is an achievement. There are myriad of things that need attention like finances, managing the product, building relationships with clients, and more. Everything requires exhaustive research and an eye for detail. Luckily, digital marketing can help with some of these challenges.
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The One Thing You Can Do to Build an Engaging Social Media Presence

In this video, Alex Wehrley, as interviewed by Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars, explains there are a few select tips you can use to increase your business's social media engagement. Most of which boil down to being more engaging overall. You can begin by responding to people's comments on social media. These people are essentially…
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8 Ruling Web Design Trends for 2018

Written by Deepak Chauhan Web design trends have undergone an apparent change as one of the most dynamic industries in web technologies. It is 2018, the eighteenth year of the millennia, a year for exploration of the web technologies in a dynamic perspective. Web technology is unbeatable and with the ever-rising technical challenges as more…
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