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Google Home: 12 tips and tricks to get started

The Google Home is one of those devices that the more you use it, the more you discover it can do. For example, did you know you can call an Uber using the Google Home? Or what about playing YouTube videos on your TV without touching a single remote or device? It's all possible, and…
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Google’s Digital Assistant Gets a Key Commerce Feature

Google is bringing commerce features to its voice-based digital Assistant, a move that may help the company develop new ways of making money from the technology and compete with rival products from Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Facebook Inc.
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Google Home brings iDevices into its smart home family

iDevices outlets, sockets and switches now play nice with all three major smart home assistants - Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Starting today, you can use the Google Assistant built into your Google Home to control gear from iDevices. Enable Assistant from the iDevices app, then link to your iDevices account in your Google Home…
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