Case Study: Innovative E-commerce Solution

When Shopify meets Amazon
An E-commerce Success!

E-retail Online Store

The Client:

Company Name: Finelaer
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Product: Luxury Men's and Women's Leather Goods
Kolweb Services: Full design, development and integration of Finelaer website with Shopify
and Amazon Marketplace
Soft Launch Date: October 6, 2016
Official Launch Date: November 21, 2016

The Backstory:

Finelaer has a bricks and mortar arrangement with retailers and needed to expand to reach
more customers.

The Solution:

Finelaer approached Kolweb to figure out the best possible way to reach the maximum number
of customers in a cost-effective manner.
E-commerce Experts

The Takeaway:

With this solution Finelaer was able to focus on what they do best - designing and manufacturing
fine leather products; and Kolweb was able to create a powerful, HIGH IMPACT E-commerce site.


  • Drastic reduction in programming time
  • Reduction in designing time
  • Powerful platform for scaling up the business

Amazon Marketplace

  • Quick access to the large client base of the Amazon online store
  • Quick integration with the payment gateway
  • Automatic inventory management through the Amazon database
  • Link with Amazon Fulfillment Centers to automate the shipping process