Experience the thoughtfully crafted ‘Best-in-Class’ websites to exceed your requirements. Using the latest web technology, Kolweb’s talented Designers will create a positive, first impression in the digital space.

Website Design

Experience the thoughtfully crafted 'Best-in-Class' websites to exceed your requirements. Using the latest web technology, KolWeb's talented Web Design Team will create your first impression on the web. Our Web Design Team follows a structured process to fully understand your requirements and transform them into an attractive and user-friendly website.

Responsive Web Design

Unmatched portability gives you unmatched flexibility. Connect every customer to your business, at any place, any time, and any device. Using the Responsive Web Designs (RWD) create one website that dynamically adapts to user devices, no matter what device the website is being viewed on - whether it's a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or otherwise.

Other Exclusive Services

Articulate Support: Take e-learning to the highest level. Go online with Articulate - the leading e-learning software. Kolweb's vast experience in integrating online material via Articulate will not only leverage you to a wider audience but will give them an experience they won't forget.

Mobile Website: Reinforce your brand values and accelerate your sales in a new stimulating, interactive environment - Mobile Devices. Our mobile sites are interactive, informative and easy-to-use. Our solutions are constructed around your ideas, images and content, built to deliver the highest impact and usability to the mobile market place.


Derek O'Brien

The charismatic quiz master Mr. Derek O’Brien wears many hats. He is a renowned television personality, a popular quiz master and Member of Parliament for the All India Trinamool Congress. He hosted one of the longest-running game shows on Indian television, the Bournvita Quiz Contest. With increased media activity in different areas, he required a hi-tech modern website that can be updated 24/7 even from remote locations. Kolweb used their expertise with the latest technology, to create an attractive, user-friendly digital platform.


InTraining Prep is a very popular course for Emergency Medicine (EM) students studying in universities across the United States. This online course prepares EM students for the Emergency Medicine InTraining Exam. An interesting and smart website was designed for the students to make their online studying more enjoyable.


Finelaer’s luxury leather products website was developed by Kolweb using Shopify and Amazon Marketplace. In order to reach an international audience, Finelaer’s founder, Mustafa Husaini, needed a web design such that anyone around the world would be able to access the website on any device. Kolweb created a responsive web design which easily adapts to any desktop, tab or mobile device thus keeping Finelaer’s online shopping portal accessible 24/7.

Insurance Monitor

Insurance Monitor (IM) is envisioned to be the first thought and central point of reference for society at large for any UAE insurance-related matters – products, service providers, performance, reviews and grievances. IM needed a website that could be used by the user to compare insurance companies, add ratings/reviews and also interact with insurance companies at any time and from any part of the world. Kolweb developed an innovative responsive website that can be viewed from any device at all times.

Keep Your Inner Army Strong

Healthcare is in a transformative state and the Keep Your Inner Army Strong (KYIAS) website exists to help give direction to people to live their healthiest lives possible. KYIAS needed a platform to accumulate and display all the medical information and advice from physicians in a modern and user-friendly way. The website needed to be updated 24/7 automatically through several RSS feeds. Kolweb developed an innovative WordPress website with custom modules and a flexible design to serve the purpose. WordPress gives it the power to update and manage the website content anytime from anywhere and the custom module developed by Kolweb links with RSS feeds for automatic postings.

Mem's Media Productions

Mem’s Media Productions is Australia’s newest and most effective video production company. Their extraordinary work in the media industry through multiple television networks, international media, magazine and newspaper publications needed national exposure. Kolweb made a magnificent blend of high-end technology and incredible graphics from Mem’s Media and created the perfect digital platform. Kolweb carefully crafted this WordPress website that showcases the graphics and videos created by Mem’s Media to fascinate audiences from all over the world.

Anjan Gupta Architects

Mr. Anjan Gupta has worked for renowned architectural firms such as Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, and Perkins and Will. With such international experience, Mr. Gupta needed a website design that would transcend boundaries and showcase his firm’s work. A responsive website design was the best solution. In fact Kolweb utilized a WordPress design, as it would highlight AGA’s portfolio irrespective of device, browser or even screen size.

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