Portfolio Category: Web Design

Web Design Portfolio: InTrainingPrep

InTraining Prep is a very popular course for Emergency Medicine (EM) students studying in universities across the United States. This online course prepares EM students for the Emergency Medicine InTraining Exam. An interesting and smart website was designed for the students to make their online studying more enjoyable. Visit Site « Previous
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Web Design Portfolio: CountMyReps

CountMyReps (CMR) is an intelligent, highly functional mobile application designed specifically as a voice counter for all types of workouts and exercises. The app also works for yoga, Pilates and breathing exercises. As this popular app is used throughout the world, Kolweb had to design a simple but attractive website in order to appeal to…
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Web Design Portfolio: Dr. Sudip Bose

Dr. Bose wears many hats, from Health Advocate and Public Speaker to Medical Correspondent and practicing Emergency Doctor. This Iraq War veteran, also served in one of the longest combat tours since WW2, and even treated Saddam Hussein. Dr. Bose needed a top notch website to not only document his various activities, but to promote…
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